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When roller derby girls Regina and Veronica learn their teammate has vanished, they stumble onto something more sinister than they could have imagined. The pair discover their friend has become the unwilling trophy in an underground roller derby tournament. The catch? The teams aren't filled with your ordinary derby girls. They are vampires. Terrified, Regina turns to the last person on earth she wants anything to do with—her “off again” boyfriend, Grayson, a good-hearted man child who has recently caught the eye of the vampires' queen bee. Regina and Veronica and their roller derby team enter the competition to save their friends, themselves, and possibly humanity.


Roller Derby Vampire Girl is unpredictable and fun, a fresh and nostalgic mix of the best of cult classic horror movies with real stakes and engaging characters. A fierce standout in the New Adult Fiction genre. If you grew up on Goosebumps and Sweet Valley High, this is the novel you've been waiting for!

Learning about vampires isn't something easily left behind, and the quest to destroy them threatens to consume the humanity Regina is struggling to preserve.

While on the trail of solving the cold case of a preteen girl who was the suspected victim of a vampire attack, Regina and Grayson discover an old friend turned enemy may be the culprit. The trip down the rabbit hole of memory lane may be more than either of them can handle.

The Sun Rises Without You takes you on a wild ride of emotions, vampires, and what it means to be human. From struggling to find a purpose only to be driven into obsession, Regina will come face to face with losing everyone and everything she holds dear, whether by running away from it or hurtling headfirst toward her own destruction.

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The conclusion of the Roller Derby Vampire Trilogy, In the Hands of My Creator, sets itself apart from the previous two installments in the most unexpected of ways and, for some readers, with the most anticipated content yet!

In the Hands of My Creator opens as a true, no holds barred vampire horror that twists and weaves a story that will bring everything and everyone back to where it all began.

Influenced heavily by the rise and fall of faith healing televangelists of the early 2000s, the thrilling conclusion asks for the undead and the living alike, what is after life?

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