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Crafting a Sequel

I am incredibly excited to ever so softly begin promoting and teasing the sequel to Roller Derby Vampire Girl.

This will also be leading to some minor changes for social media; later this spring or early summer, I will be transitioning the names of all the social media to reflect it being home to the Roller Derby Vampire Girl Trilogy. Not a significant shift, but it will better represent the pages housing information and discussion for all three books in the series.

Roller Derby Vampire Girl (December 2020)

The Sun Rises Without You (Spring 2022)

The final book (TBD)*

*The final book has a title and has had it for years; I just am not sharing it yet.

I will do my best for the foreseeable future to try and keep spoilers from the first book to a minimum, only sharing the logline for the sequel.

The Sun Rises Without You: The Roller Derby Vampire Girl Trilogy
*NOT THE COVER (just promo art)

"Learning about vampires isn't something easily left behind, and the quest to destroy them threatens to consume the humanity Regina is struggling to preserve."

The sequel is officially written! It is going through a round of edits before heading to the actual editor next month, but it is currently on target for its release date.

I won't say a ton about it at this point. It introduces some great new characters, and we explore and learn more about a few from the first book. I will say that the book goes in what I feel and hope is an unexpected but satisfying direction leading into the third and final installment in the series.

Aside from that, there is some cool stuff coming up promotion-wise later this year that I cannot wait to share with you guys, but for now, there is a sequel! It's coming right along, and I am looking forward to sharing more as we go!

Side note: My wife has read the completed manuscript and likes it better than the first book; for me, that's a glowing endorsement.

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