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Setting of the Goals, 2024 Edition

It’s that time of year again, the end of the year and the beginning of another, which means it is time for my annual goal recap and setting new ones.

As always, here are some song lyrics that spoke to this year. This one was hard because nothing I had on repeat said anything about me; many songs spoke to me, but nothing really hooked me in as a yearlong summation. 

So, instead, I am posting a song that was stuck in my head for much of the year because my girls watch Elemental on repeat.

Steal the show - Lauv

Started out on a one way train
Always knew where I was gonna go next
Didn't know until I saw your face
I was missin' out on every moment
You'll be one and baby I'll be two
Would you mind it if I said I'm into you?
(I'm into you)
So if it's real
Then darlin' let me know
I wouldn't mind
If you steal the show
You and I we go together
You're the sky I'll be the weather
A pretty thing, the sun and rain
Who knew
Oooh, yeah

So how did it go in 2023 with my goals?

• Write something “new.”

Yes. I didn’t PUBLISH anything new, but you know what, that wasn’t even the goal. I wrote a delightfully little macabre children’s book and wrote a lot of Lick Your Wounds. I haven’t finished that one yet, but believe it or not, it takes a lot to write a whole book.

• Finish the final book in the Roller Derby Vampire Girl Trilogy: In the Hands of My Creator.

Yes! It is finished, well, the first draft is completed, and revisions are in progress. I’m technically, for the most part, on schedule with that.

• Sell the film/TV rights for Roller Derby Vampire Girl.

On here until it happens. Publishing the book was on my list for ten years before it happened, so I'm in no real rush.

• Make something.

I wove one of those pot holder things with the little crochet edges. I’m going to count it. I also introduced a new holiday sandwich at Lacy’s this year. So…yeah, I’ll count it.

• Spend more time outdoors.

Does going to Disney count? If not, this one was sort of a bust.

• Try a new food.

Yes! I tried several new things food-wise this past year.

Now, onto the goals and resolutions for 2024

• Learn a dying or lost artisan craft.

On Olivia’s recent field trip, we watched a blacksmith talking about how so many of those old skills are being lost to time. I want to learn or at least start learning an old craft. Probably not witch, but we’ll see how it goes. (kidding)

• Reown a piece of clothing that I once loved.

I used to have these jeans from the Gap that were my favorite. I wore them into oblivion. I also have this blue hoodie with anchors on it. I still have it, but the anchors are long gone. I don’t know exactly, but something like this, sort of embracing the nostalgia and fun of the hunt for something.

• Set a workout habit and stick to it.

I’m thinking like three days a week is a solid goal. But this may change throughout the year, it just has to be a schedule that is adhered to. Anything more than none is better.

• Sell the film/TV rights for Roller Derby Vampire Girl.

This will be on here until it happens, or I turn 40 and mid-life crisis film it myself. (the clock is ticking.)

• Never be limited by lists.

Here is to an incredible 2024 for everyone!

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